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If we mutually agree that an energy project is feasible and you have the interest and desire to make energy-saving improvements to your facilities, then the next step is for us to conduct an Investment Grade Audit in order to quantify the exact savings and costs for each potential energy-saving measure.

Investment Grade Audit

The Investment Grade Audit involves:

  • Workshops with your staff to uncover technical, financial, people and business needs
  • In-depth evaluation of historical utility and operating costs and energy modeling of buildings
  • Detailed field-data gathering that includes all energy consuming systems and operating parameters

The results of the audit include:

  • Un-biased recommendations on the best solutions for your organization
  • Mutually agreed upon list of measures to include in implementation
  • Guaranteed cost to the implement the project
  • Guaranteed savings
  • A plan to measure and verify savings
  • Proposed construction schedule
  • Financing proposals

At this point, you have a fully developed project that is ready for implementation.