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Boiler Plant

The most common boiler types are steam and hot water, but boilers can come in a multitude of configurations, sizes, and fuel types.  They can also be utilized for many applications from comfort heating to process needs in manufacturing facilities. A new boiler can provide a boost of efficiency just due to being newer and in good condition; however, end users can often take advantage of the newer technologies to capture greater efficiencies and thus reduce energy consumption.

Although basic combustion efficiencies have not significantly improved over the years as a general rule, some newer boiler technologies allow for much improved efficiency.  The most prominent is that of condensing style hot water boilers.  The ability to reset the hot water temperature lower allows for boiler efficiencies to increase from the common 80% to 83% range to well up into the 93%+ range.  This vast improvement in boiler efficiency can result in a significant reduction in energy consumption.  

  • boiler replacements
  • boiler/burner controls
  • plant reconfiguration