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Tim O'Kane January 13, 2017 News

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School District Weighing HVAC Options

Originally published in News-Press Now
January 13, 2017
By Clinton Thomas News-Press Now

The St. Joseph School District has begun to evaluate its options for potential heating and air conditioning upgrades.

The Board of Education heard a presentation Monday from Energy Solutions Professionals (ESP) — the same firm which oversaw the district's HVAC upgrades last summer — on different ways the district could improve the heat and install air conditioning at Bode and Truman Middle Schools and Benton, Central and Lafayette High Schools.

ESP provided an extensive list of options, from systems that would serve entire buildings, to smaller improvements that would focus only on gymnasiums or auditoriums. The company also contacted local contractors to obtain pricing estimates for both the 2017 and 2018 construction seasons.

The estimated total cost to perform all work: $17.4 million in 2017, or just under $18 million in 2018.

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