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Tim O'Kane September 01, 2017 Blog

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Russell Hospital CEO Discusses Benefits of Saving Energy

Harold Courtois CEO of Russell Regional Hospital tells KMBZ that he hired ESP because they are an “honest group of very thorough people with great follow through who predict the savings they guarantee with great references around the state.” They also happen to be the lowest cost energy solutions provider in the state of Kansas.

Medicare certainly isn’t increasing payments any time soon so it’s imperative for hospitals to cut costs. One of the fastest ways to do that is to slash energy expenses and upgrade infrastructure. ESP President Jeff Flathman said the transformation began with a methodical process. His company provided a complimentary preliminary energy analysis which involved reviewing utility bills and taking a tour of the facility to see what systems were in place.

Once they confirmed that there was actually a viable opportunity for major savings, ESP identified a full range of opportunities for the hospital and then came back to the facility to conduct an “investment grade” audit. They installed data logging equipment and developed a much more thorough evaluation of systems in the building to determine the areas where ESP would have the most impact.


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