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Tim O'Kane May 04, 2012 News

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Prairie Village digs deep to find energy savings with geothermal system

Originally Published in The Kansas City Business Journal
May 4, 2012
By Morgan Chilson, Contributing Writer

Beneath the pristine green lawn outside Prairie Village’s community center, 32 holes each plunge deeper than the length of a football field. Although not visible, they serve an essential function, creating a pathway for a new geothermal heating and cooling system for three Prairie Village government buildings.

The police department, the community center and city hall are heated and cooled by a refrigerant fluid traveling 400 feet into the Earth through those holes.

The $1 million system went online in December, replacing an antiquated boiler system and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that used natural gas. That old system was costing the city in dollars and maintenance hours, and the city hired Energy Solutions Professionals LLC to explore options for replacing the equipment.

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