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Tim O'Kane March 09, 2012 News

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Lights Out! competition leads to significant savings

Originally Published in Greenability
Mar 9, 2012

After a month of competition, the three University of Kansas buildings competing in the Lights Out! energy-saving contest are making major reductions in their energy use. Bailey Hall, Green Hall and Summerfield Hall have combined to save 10% off their overall energy use, compared to last February.

As of the end of February, the competition standings are:

1. Green Hall, School of Law – 13.5% savings

2. Bailey Hall, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – 8.7% savings

3. Summerfield Hall, School of Business – 6.8% savings

In order to achieve the savings, building occupants are ensuring unnecessary lighting, office equipment and other electronics are not on when they aren’t needed. They’re also adjusting the run-time of heating and cooling equipment to better match the actual occupancy times of the building.

“The results so far are very impressive, but I’m not too surprised,” stated John Geist, Energy Solutions Professional’s conservation specialist. “Everybody I’ve spoken with in the buildings has been very supportive of the contest and they all want to know what else they can do to get more savings. We’ll keep working with them to find everything we can.”

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