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Tim O'Kane January 27, 2017 Blog

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Jeff Flathman, ESP President, discusses the energy savings business on KMBZ’s Moneyline

Jeff Flathman President of Energy Solutions Professionals is on a mission. He shared with KMBZ a unique business model that pays for itself. He talked about how his company worked with several residential entities in Downtown Kansas City and Country Club Plaza where the residents were opposed to paying an increased assessment to cover boilers, chillers and other large ticket upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

His team was able to identify a “bundling of energy savings opportunities that created a funding stream to pay for those things without the assessment having to be increased,” he said. Instead of having to come up with the cash in advance, residents were able to redeploy savings from their utility budgets to pay for the upgrades.

“Energy savings is being able to actually secure that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because everyone pays their utilities and if we can figure out a way to help you reduce the amount you have to pay out from a built in budget, we can create a funding mechanism to get some real tangible improvements in your facilities,” Flathman tells KMBZ.

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