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Tim O'Kane April 26, 2017 Blog

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ESP Gets Rave Reviews for Its Work on Pershing Lofts

When the property manager for The Sulgrave Regency on the Plaza referred the Chief Operating Officer of Keystone Property Management to Energy Solutions Professionals, Jerry Altman wasted no time inviting the company to try to repeat its success at Pershing Lofts.

This beautiful historic 10 story building near Liberty Memorial and Union Station had aging infrastructure. The property needed a modern energy management system so that the owner could have control over energy usage. “Energy use is a big deal for a property because the savings goes right to the bottom line.”

ESP visited the property, did an assessment of its condition and identified opportunities for meaningful energy savings. The company shared energy usage data with him, sparking a comprehensive project management process.

President and founder Jeff Flathman described in great detail what ESP could do, quantified the savings that would be generated and the amount they would guarantee and then presented a contract outlining the scope of work and a timeline based on the plan he developed.

Altman, who oversees the management of residential and mixed residential-commercial properties in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, was especially impressed that ESP had a seasoned project manager on site every day throughout the course of the work.

When you’re managing roughly 1,500 residential units, 80,000 square feet of commercial space and 30 staff members you don’t leave anything to chance.

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