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Commercial Properties

Saving energy in commercial properties not only helps to keep operating costs low, but can enhance the value of a property though the replacement of old equipment. Opportunities to put together energy-saving projects that are attractive to commercial property owners and managers have been further enhanced recently by the PACE program. PACE is an innovative way to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to buildings. Property owners can receive financing for energy saving improvements that is repaid as a property tax assessment for up to 20 years.

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Our team has a vast amount of experience working with all types of higher education institutions, from community colleges and private colleges to both large and small universities. We’ve made energy saving improvements to central plants, lab buildings, residence halls, field houses and rec centers, academic buildings (both classrooms and offices), administrative buildings, aquatic centers, and numerous others. We work with each of our higher education clients to understand how their campus works and what needs they have. 


School districts present great opportunities for saving energy, which in turn allows for more dollars to be directed toward the primary goal of educating students. On top of that, studies continue to show that enhancing the learning environment can have a direct and positive impact on student academic performance. Our work has encompassed districts that have as few as two buildings, to some of the very largest districts in the United States. 

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State Government

Our team’s experience with state government facilities has included office buildings, correctional facilities, state hospitals, state specialty schools, and many others; including facilities that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of our team members was even a former administrator for the State of Kansas, Facility Conservation Improvement Program, so he understands what it is like to be the client receiving energy-saving services.

Local Government

Local governments typically have a mixture of buildings that vary in age, function, and maintenance needs, making energy conservation efforts a challenging and complex endeavor. Our team has worked with governments in rural areas as well as cities and counties in major metropolitan areas. We’ve addressed administrative and office buildings, water and wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, police and fire facilities, parks and recreation buildings, jails/correctional facilities, historical buildings, community centers, street and traffic lights, water meters, and a whole host of other buildings and systems. 

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Health Care

Healthcare facilities, both public and private, present a variety of energy-saving challenges and opportunities. Many of them have at least some portion of their facilities that operate 24/7, with critical systems that require redundancy and backup. Building occupancy can vary, and there is typically specialized equipment and systems. We work with our clients to understand these and other challenges, and have experience working with hospitals, medical schools, and medical office buildings.

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Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Operators of water and wastewater treatment plants face a variety of challenges that range from the condition of their infrastructure and lack of funds for improvements, to government regulations, and a general unwillingness of the public to pay more for water. Opportunities to save energy in the buildings and in the process of treating water are one way to address infrastructure and funding needs. Our team has experience in finding ways for plant owners and operators to save energy and operating costs without affecting the quality of water.