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Kansas State Polytechnic

Salina, Kansas

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Home to just under 600 students, Kansas State Polytechnic seeks to make the world a better place through aviation, engineering, technology and art. The polytechnic campus provides a small campus atmosphere with a professional learning environment built on theory, cutting–edge research and industry application. Students bring concepts and theories to life by combining active classroom learning and project-based work.


Kansas State Polytechnic had a desire to make renewable energy an area of focus, and wanted to provide a real-world learning lab where students could have first-hand experience with actual renewable technologies that help power the campus. Kansas State Polytechnic teamed with Energy Solutions Professionals (ESP) to make that a reality by implementing campus-wide facility improvements targeted at saving utility and operating costs. The $2.8 million project was approved unanimously by the State Board of Regents.


A key feature of the project is a wind turbine and a solar PV array that not only provide clean energy to the campus, but serve as a teaching and instructional tool for students. Some of the other improvements include expanded and enhanced building controls, wi-fi programmable thermostats, interior and exterior LED lighting, water saving devices, reductions in building infiltration, variable frequency drives on motors, air destratification, new chillers and boilers, and variable refrigeration flow (VRF) heating and cooling. ESP also provided customized conservation training and energy guidelines to staff and students in order to build awareness around campus about how each individual can contribute to saving energy on campus, and at home.


Students and faculty now have the ability to observe, track, study and interact with solar PV and wind power technology on campus. In total, the project will save Kansas State Polytechnic nearly $137,000 annually on utility and operating costs. The carbon footprint of the campus will be reduced by 2.7 million pounds of CO2e annually, which is equivalent to the electric use of 184 homes each year.

Project Snapshot

Kansas State Polytechnic
2310 Centennial Road
Salina , Kansas

Completion Date

Total Square Feet

Number of Buildings

Total Project Cost

Annual Savings

Utility Savings

Carbon Footprint Reduction
2.7 million pounds CO2e

Environmental Impact
Equivalent to the electric use of 184 homes each year.


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