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Jeff Flathman

Jeff Flathman


Co-founder and president of turning our vision into reality, Jeff has 22 years of experience in the energy efficiency, facility-improvement and heating, ventilating & air-conditioning fields. Jeff works with clients to understand their needs, develop appropriate solutions, and arrange financing for projects. He’s also spent his fair share of time auditing buildings, pouring over utility bills, managing installations, and engineering solutions.

Jeff’s been a lifelong baseball and Kansas City Royals fan, and spent many years coaching his sons’ baseball and basketball teams.

Give him a call. Jeff loves to talk and tell stories, and has a genuine interest in helping people. And when you do call him, be sure to tell him where you’re from; he’s likely been there, lived there, went to school there, or knows somebody who did. Jeff has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University. Ask him about it, it’s a good story.