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Are We Right for Each Other?

Our company was founded on the idea that there are numerous organizations that stand to benefit from energy-saving projects, but are too small to be of interest to the big companies in this industry, and those that are big enough are paying way too much for services. We’ve changed that! Our team of industry veterans is setup in a streamlined organization that allows us to provide the best value to clients of all sizes.

We specialize in developing projects that are paid for by guaranteed savings from your utility and operations budgets. This results in budget-neutral or revenue-positive projects for our clients that enable them to make critical facility and operational improvements today.

Our clients typically have these attributes:

  • Commercial or industrial, both public and private (view our client types)
  • Annual utility costs of $50,000+ (electric, gas/fuel, water and sewer)
  • Total building square footage of 25,000+

If your organization is slightly smaller than these totals, contact us to see if we still might be a fit. No worries if your organization is a lot bigger; we can help. Some of our clients have over 100 buildings encompassing millions of square feet with multi-million dollar annual utility bills.

We encourage you to review the types of clients we serve, the various improvements we implement, and to explore examples of our work. Please contact us with your questions or to discuss your project in greater detail.